Federica Porello, Xavi Moreno and Marine Broise

FXM (1 of 13).jpgWEWOOD (2018)

WeWood is a dialogue amongst three characters who hide and reveal themselves through their relationship with the objects that surround them. A polyphony of surrealist situations where the abstraction of gestures becomes a refuge, an escape from the present, from the tangible, an opening of an imaginary arousing from the observation of banality.


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Group LaBolsa & Thomas Hauert



The Measure of Disorder is a dance piece that puts onstage a complex organism, which constantly reorganizes and reinvents itself, being fed by the individual initia- tives and by the different degrees of mutual affecta- tion.


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Albert Quesada, Federica Porello, Zoltan Vakulya


IT’S TIME (2017)

“It’s time” is a piece for stage with three dancers and live musicians investigating, interrogating and manipulating the subjective experience of the passage of time. It proposes a break from our “linear”, chronometric life – a moment in the theatre to explore the sound and motion of diluted, vertical time.

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Federica Porello & Ilan Manouach

IMG_0068 copia.JPGSTATUES (2006; 2014)

Via the media of improvisation,our aim is to find a common landscape between the sound and the movement without assimilating, at the same time, the forms with which each media is expressed. The autonomy and the coexistence of two per- sons, in in their idio- rythmical attitude, was always a social contradiction and constitu- tes our major reflection. Dance and music cannot fuse and everything is based upon their physical promiscuity which is the only common reference.

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convent photo roger llemos 1 copia.JPGCOMMUNE PRESENCE  (2012)

Real-life Puppets, Paper Humans, Shared Bodies and Breaths, Strange Mutations, Fascinating Encounters are dancing… “Commune Presence” is a circle for animated Homo Sapiens and human-size puppets, each one accompa- nying the other, becoming the other.   


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