ACME/Albert Quesada, Zoltan Vakulya, Federica Porello (2016 – 2017)

The dance company ACME composed by Albert Quesada, Federica Porello, Zoltán Vakulya, Mireia de Querol and Marcus Baldemar, has developed over the years by performing and creating around Europe.

Their last quintet, Wagner & Ligeti, deals with the complexity between music and meaning. It analyses how the temporal structures, repetitions and interactions of orchestral music can express and communicate ideas; just as the organised noise of music evokes images and turns them into thoughts. The dancers guide the audience in an exploration of two pieces: the overture to Wagner’s Tannhäuser, one of the clearest fragments of narrative instrumental music in the Western canon, and György Ligeti’s Lontano, which aims to disarm the very notion of musical hierarchy.

Speed and its different qualities is one of the most developed elements in their performances. The coexistence of different temporalities is a starting point to deal with questions related to idiorhythm: movement prior to rhythm. The use of slow motion in Slow Sports, the irregular loops in Wagner & Ligeti, the accumulation of rhythmical qualities in the flamenco music of OneTwoThreeOneTwo, have been key for the development in specificity of speed, aiming to alter the spectator’s perception.