Commune Présence (2012)

Real-life Puppets, Paper Humans, Shared Bodies and Breaths, Strange Mutations, Fascinating Encounters are dancing…“Commune Presence” is a circle for animated Homo Sapiens and human-size puppets, each one accompanying the other, becoming the other.

Commune Presence


Artistic  Director : Merlin Borg
Sculpture of the heads of the marionettes : Cécile Raynal
Costumes : Pascale Barré
Dancers: Xavi Moreno Berenguel,Merlin Borg, Federica Porello                                                 Photo: Roger Llemos
Musician : Julian Demézières





L’Union Charleville – 11 nov 2011 (french)

Ardenais – 14 nov 2011 (french)

Charleville – 22 sept 2012 (french)