with Ilan Manuach


Ilan Manouach is a multidisciplinary artist, with a focused interest in the printed medium, and works actively as a musician and a publisher. He lives between Athens and Brussels. He has been playing and releasing music with different personal formations. Primarily Balinese Beast, a duo with a cut-up approach to improvisation with a steady album production since 2010, Glacial, an eclectic elevator music mixture of techno and jazz and Wry, a free impro trio along side piano player Agusti Fernandez. He has a vivid interest in sound art mainly with a field recording web-based diary in the heart of the Greek tourist industry (vacantgreece.com), an ongoing in situ research and the aural documentation of an abandoned deserted hotel complex in the attica seaside and the elaboration of a sound cartography of various archaeological spaces in Greece. He has traveled extensively for exhibitions, workshops talks and concerts (Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Finland, Austria, Turkey, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Canada).


duo with Matt Carlson in Mississipi Studios

Wry trio live in Barcelona