“Commune Presence” is a circle for animated Homo Sapiens and human-size puppets, each one accompanying the other, becoming the other.

AdonK! is an international company founded by Merlin Borg in 2005. It started with travelling laboratories initiated by Merlin Borg around dance and choral puppetry. This laboratories have known several host countries: France, Spain and Lebanon.
At the whim of roaming, the artists of the company AdonK! have experimented with the principles of a collective language between danse portée and human-sized puppets.
Their research regularly crosses a question that is both artistic and societal: “How do we support each other?” The company pursued this collective and experimental approach from several angles: the construction of puppets, the definition and sharing of body language and the transmission between artists, in workshops or with the public.


Artistic direction: Merlin Borg
Creation and performance:
Merlin Borg, Xavi Moreno, Federica Porello
Julian Demézières
Sculptor of the heads of the marionettes:
Cécile Raynal
Costumes :
Pascale Barré
Roger Llemos
Production Manager:
Olivier Broise-Troude


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photo: Roger Llemos