NOWHEN (2022)

Danced and spoken monologue

NOWHEN is the name of a character, immersed in his present, which reveals his multifaceted relationship with his real and imaginary environment.

A space full of things, thoughts and actions, sounds and silence, light and darkness, where everything folds and unfolds, materially or metaphorically, kindly or violently.

This show offers a place and time for reflection, in search for a path, a subtle and empty line between gravity and lightness.

“Although what we discovered now means that what we discovered before was wrong, we are necessarily going in the right direction towards, whatever, no one actually knows”. Tim Ingold

Creation and performance:
Federica Porello
Light design:
Xavi Moreno
Sound design:
Fanny Thollot
Federica Porello, Pep Aymerich, Xavi Moreno
Artistic advices:
Xavi Moreno, Fanny Thollot, Leo Castro, María Muñoz
Production: Federica Porello, associated artist at L’animal a l’esquena
Coproduction: Ajuntament de Celrà
L’animal a l’esquena (Celrà),Teatro Pradillo (Madrid), EiMa (Maria de la Salut, Mallorca),Teatre L’Ateneu (Celrà)
Thanks to: Zoltan Vakulya, Eduard Teixidor, Pep Ramis, María Mora, Majo Villafaina, María Fernanda Soberon, Enric Fabregas, Jaume Fiol, Sira Aymerich
Video: Leo Castro
Video editing: Federica Porello, with the help of Maria Fernanda Soberon



Celrà (CAT)

19, 20 -11-2022

IF Festival / Mercat de les flors

Barcelona (CAT)

25, 26-11-2022

Festival de Otoño, Teatro Cuarta Pared

Madrid (SPA)