Slow Sports (2012)

The swimmer gliding effortlessly through the water.

The boxer who, by a few millimeters, barely evades the knock out blow.

There is something in the pure physicality of sports that we find uniquely attractive and fascinating. From the Games of Ancient Greece, to the frenzied crowds of modern stadiums, sporting competition has produced a powerful, communal form of intoxicating ecstasy.

With Slow Sports, choreographer Albert Quesada brings the total experience of sport into the theatre. He places the audience on a grandstand and provides five dancers with the rules of the game. In this arena we try to understand how sports are experienced, and why they hold such a fascination for us

Concept: Albert Quesada I Created By and With: Marcus Baldemar, Federica Porello, Mireia de Querol, Albert Quesada, Zoltán Vakulya I Sound Design: Christian Francois I Light & Video Design: Jan Van Gijsel I Music: Gustavo Cerati, Andrew Bird, C. Van Roland Edwards, Christian François Costumes: Vera Tussing & Albert Quesada I Illustrations: Gosia Machon I Texts: JS Rafaeli I Voice: JS Rafaeli, Katie Vickers, Marcus Baldemar


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De Standaard (flemish)


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