Group LaBolsa

In the city of Barcelona many dance makers work in an independent way, establishing exchanges amongst themselves and showing interest for the creative work of the others. A non-official affectation exists, which is not planned yet arises from the necessity of this community of international creators who meet in Catalonia, to exchange their own point of view on performing arts.
In the past years Cecilia Colacrai, Iris Heitzinger, Natalia Jiménez, Mireia de Querol, Xavi Moreno, Federica Porello and Anna Rubirola have been meeting in various workshops and projects. In those encounters they could identify common interests regarding movement, research and the development of performative languages. What unites them is an investigation of movement based on scores which create concrete and elaborate frames at the same time as they give way to the performer’s capacity to apply his or her creative intuition when they encounter the public on stage.