Bach (2004, 2016)

Maria Muñoz / MAL PELO

CREDITS 2004 Creation and performance: María Muñoz / Music: Well-tempered Clavier – Johan Sebastian BachPerformed by Glenn Gould / Assistant to direction: Cristina Cervià / Rehearsal Assistant: Leo Castro / Video images: Núria Font / Lighting tecnician: August Viladomat / Sound & video technician: Marc Paneque /Photography: Jordi Bover, Ferran Mateo / Promoter manager: Eduard Teixidor / Production: Mar Senespleda / Administration: Susanna Saguer

A production of Mal Pelo, with the collaboration of Teatro Real(Madrid) and Teatre Lliure (Barcelona)
Premiere in Espai Lliure de Barcelona, the 26th February 2004 in a first approximation and in his final version at TEMPORADA ALTA 2005-International Theatre Festival of Girona, the 19th November 2005.

Bach is a piece based on a selection from J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier that María Muñoz premiered in 2004 and has since performed over a hundred times all over the world.
María Muñoz works now on passing on and reinterpreting this solo with the Italian performer and creator Federica Porello.

In Bach, the discourse is expressed only through the body and through the music of Bach. An approach to J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier, in which the performer dances to preludes played live and to the memory of fugues danced in silence.

The premiere of Bach interpreted by Federica Porello was on the 20th, 21st of February 2016 at the Mercat de les flors, Barcelona.

© Jordi Bover