Birdwatching 4 X 4 (2009, 2013) – Benjamin Vandewalle WeGo vzw

_MG_5329The performances and installations of Benjamin Vandewalle can be described as experimental spaces, and are rooted in his deep fascination for perception. Dance and stage design, light and sound are mobilized to challenge our everyday perception. The audience and the dancers are constantly put to the test and are actively involved in the performance.

How space and movement affect our perception was the basic question behind the installation performance Birdwatching (2009). The audience was carried on a moving platform across a poetic landscape of white walls and bodies to explore the boundaries of our sense of orientation. In his new creation Birdwatching 4×4Vandewalle takes his machinery out of the studio and confronts it with our everyday surroundings. Using a mobile observation box, a moveable wall and a handful of dancers, the performance establishes a succession of unexpected angles across the city.

As part of the audience you engage in a particular dialogue with your own living environment. In a game of revealing and concealing you experience everyday reality from different, often unexpected angles. A wall of mirrors generates a new choreography that completely re-designs the relationship between the spectator and the environment. Birdwatching 4×4 always is a unique site-specific performance, a tour through our own living space, its mirror image, and ourselves.

concept & choreography Benjamin Vandewalle | scenography Pieter Huybrechts, Benjamin Vandewalle | original concept scenography Erki De Vries | dance Benjamin Vandewalle, Peter De Vuyst,  Maïté Jeannolin, Rosa Omarsdottir, Krisjanis Sants, Christoffer Schieche, Kathryn Vickers | music Nico Sall | production Caravan Production (Brussels) for WeGo vzw | co-production Kaaitheater (Brussels), Vrijstaat O (Oostende), TAKT Dommelhof (Neerpelt), DÉPARTS |residencies TAKT Dommelhof (Neerpelt, BE), Vrijstaat O. (Oostende, BE), Scheld’apen (Antwerpen) support De Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie van het Brussels-Hoofdstedelijk Gewest | thanks to Aernout Vandewalle, Marnix Rummens, Veli Lehtovaara, Mikko Hyvönen, Scheld’apen |trailers by Federica Porello

Birdwatching 4×4 (trailer) – Benjamin Vandewalle – dansand festival (Oostende)

Birdwatching 4×4 (trailer) – Benjamin Vandewalle – festival kanal (Brussel)