NOWHEN – Federica Porello
Creation 2022
Next Shows:
19,20.11.’22 – Festival IF, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona (CAT)
25,26.11.’22 – Festival de Otoño, Teatro Cuarta Pared, Madrid (ES)

Next dates:
Musicality of gestures

3,4.01.’23 – Escola Municipal de Dansa, Celrà (CAT)
Improvisation and composition
28,29.01 – 25,26.02 – 25,26.03 – Momentum, Barcelona (CAT)

EFEU – ZOO/Thomas Hauert
Creation 2022

Next shows:
12, 13.01.’23 – Atelier de Paris / CDCN Paris (FR)
19 > 22.01.’23 – Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona (CAT)

Creation 2021

Next Shows:
24.01.’23 Théâtre Quintaou, Anglet (FRA)

Federica Porello is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. She has participated in creations of the choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas, the visual artist Anne Kathrine Dolven, the theater company Tg Stan, the puppetry  company AdonK!, the shadow theater company Le Théâtre de Nuit and the dance company ACME/Albert Quesada.

She’s currently part of the companies Mal Pelo and  ZOO/Thomas Hauert, and the collective Group LaBolsa, formed in 2012 by seven international dance creators, involved in the search for performative practices of live creation.

In her teaching and creation path, Federica puts in dialogue the artistic languages of dance, music and object theater, developing two improvisation practices, Object Dance and the Musicality of gesture, and creating two performances, WeWood (2018) y NOWHEN (2022).